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The Role Of Technology In Providing A Consistent Customer Experience – Shamayun Miah

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The Role Of Technology In Providing A Consistent Customer Experience – Shamayun Miah

These days technology is enhancing and providing privilege to people in different aspects. Online marketing is also get affected by the onset of technology. So what technology is doing in enhancing customer experience:-

  • Taking a customer seamlessly from online to offline experiences necessitates an integrated mix of technologies. Retailers will be able to provide a unified commerce experience with the right systems in place if they- Shamayun Miah
  • On a smartphone, in-store tablet, or checkout station, provide information relevant to the customer’s geographic location.
  • Sending detailed information about the products the customer is interested in, including whether they are in stock or can be delivered.

Other product recommendations are displayed based on previous browsing history or purchases made by similar customers.

Connect customers online with in-store associates who can assist them over the phone or when they visit the store.
Providing information in real-time to make any interaction personal and relevant.

Customers can be fickle and unwilling to wait for websites to update or load, and they’re unlikely to forgive a retailer who says their preferred item is in stock only to arrive at the store and discover it’s already sold. In terms of the customer, the interaction should be seamless, intuitive, and enjoyable, regardless of whether they interact online or offline. Accuracy is critical for the retailer.

For the customer experience to be memorable, the retailer must first understand the buyer’s journey. This can be done more effectively if the retailer can collect and analyze data about customers to gain insights that power the experience.

Technology Usage By Retailers- Improved customer experience

Commerce systems that integrate product inventories, customer loyalty databases, point of sale (POS) systems, mobile technology, and eCommerce platforms are examples of backend technology powering retail experiences. From the user interface to the backend processing, these systems and applications must all work together logically to map to the customer workflow.

Digital transformation – connecting data, business applications, and workflow to provide a great customer experience or business operation with the help of digital technologies such as cloud, mobile, AI, and IoT – is thus a priority requirement for retailers to compete in the future- Shamayun Miah.